I Love Presents on My Birthday

One of my favorite birthday presents that I have been receiving each year, since the time I turned 18 and opened a brokerage account are reliable dividend deposits. Without fail, on March 11 of each year; I have received payments from Exxon Mobil, IBM, and Target.

Although, I look forward to spending time with family and friends; the dividends from these companies makes me most excited. I wake up on my birthday morning and receive the “Deposit Received” notification. I check my balance to find Exxon has deposited $30; IBM has deposited $20; and Target has deposited $10. $60 for doing nothing more than putting cash at risk is a wonderful birthday morning present.

What makes this different than any other day? Simple. It’s the present that just keeps giving through compounding. That $60 by next year will yield me $61, then the year after $63. “But Matt; that’s nothing!” True, it’s not much in and of itself, but keep that exercise going everyday and leads to massive growth.

When you start out; all you will see are these small gains. Remember to keep your eye on the bigger picture that these small micro transactions lead to large growth.

And I must apologize for the recent silence from me; as you may know; I had a very large flood in my basement and I have been dealing with the aftermath and cleanup. I should be back into my normal rhythm soon.

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