Simplicity Does Not Equal Ease

Always remember that whenever you hear someone say something like, “Achieve wealth in 3 simple steps!” that it is not entirely genuine. Simplicity is mutually exclusive of effort level.

Example: I can get my wife to declare her love for me in three simple steps

A) Bring her a present home from work.
B) Prepare a meal.
C) Make sure the kids are not home.

Yes, it is that simple, but putting all of that into practice is a difficult task. To bring her home a present from work is a question of “where do I begin?” What kind of gift? What price point am I looking for? How personal should it be; and if very personal; how do I find a vendor to provide the personal touch?

Next, I need to prepare a meal. Should I use GrubHub? UberEats? Should I make something from scratch? Should we go out instead? Break it down even further; once I choose one of these options; what should I order? What should I make? It has to be A) Something SHE likes and B) Something she is in the mood for.

Now for the really tricky part. how do I get the kids out of the house? Who can I get to watch them that can handle my son’s autism and will be accommodating on timing? How will I get the kids to the caretaker while doing the above actions?

If you are a man like me; you know where I am coming from. So when I, or anyone else, says achieve financial wealth in three simple steps:

  1. Save
  2. Invest
  3. Build Cash Flow

You need to understand there are infinite details behind these steps. There are literally millions of different ways to invest. I personally know some people who will only invest in real estate and will not go near any other type of investment. I also know people who will only keep their money in an FDIC insured deposit account. Over the next few months, I will be walking you through how I invest. But first, you have to get your mindset into the right place and be mentally prepared to take the necessary actions.

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