Are You Thankful?

Have you ever looked at your surroundings and thought to yourself how thankful you are for all that you have? You may look around and think you do not have much, but remember that if you live in America, by virtue of being a citizen, you are the 1% of the world.

I am not saying you should be satisfied with what you have. You should strive for more fulfillment, better friends, more happiness, and the ability to afford more indulgences.

Now, that you can see there is a difference between being thankful and being satisfied; on this Christmas Eve, be thankful for everything that you have. Be thankful for your family, your friends, your employer, your children, your house, your apartment , your God.

Now that you are thankful for what you have; it is time to strive for more. On this New Year; make the commitment to financial literacy, or if you have already achieved this, to financial stability. Be in control of your financial well being and financial future.

Over the next several weeks I will be posting on topics specifically aimed at financial literacy. This will be the stepping stone to many more advanced topics to come. I went over $100,000 in debt in college to learn these topics and I will be providing all of my collegiate years and corporate experience here for free. Remember from the previous post that first comes mindset, then comes commitment, then finally, action. And according to Newton’s first law of motion that an object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will continue in linear motion until acted upon by an external force. Be at rest no more and forget the life you have been living. Take ACTION now in 2019!

If you run into struggles; don’t give up yourself.

To Freedom!


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